~~New technologies and the state of the art
• Current Breaking (DC and AC)
• Measurement (precision and drift of sensors)
• Solutions for offshore and subsea ( deepwater)
• Substation Communication (IEC 61850)

Future development of networks (10 years scale)
• Substation equipment for DC systems for transmission and industry
• short-circuit Current limiting and var compensator means (conventional, superconducting
power electronics ...)
• Impact of distributed generation (wind, solar, storage) on Substation equipment
• influence of intelligent networks: Smart Grids

Sustainable development
• Efficiency
• recycling, lifecycle
• limitings of electromagnetic radiation
• Vandalism-proof equipments
• noise Reduction

The control system (with respect to the integration aspect)
• Protection equipment
• fiber optics, digital equipments
• diagnosis of electrical disturbances
• Metering

Official language of the conference will be French and English Simultaneous translation will be provided in both of those languages.
Papers will be in one of those two languages. A bilingual French and English abstract would be appreciated




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