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HV & MV SUBSTATION EQUIPMENTS: New Electric Network needs and Substations’ Technologies

MatPost’11, 4th International Substation Equipments’ conference, will gather over 50 companies in the field, from 15 different countries. These two days’ objective is to bring together academics and industrials, experts from the fields of utilities, operators and manufacturers, in order to establish a progress report and discussions on substation equipments, new developments and concepts, their reliability, the lessons learned, as well as their environmental preservation properties.
In order to satisfy the electric network needs…
The utilities, network operators, and industrial equipment manufacturers, altogether permanently contribute to the substation equipments’ improvements.

Furthermore, it is necessary to move forward in product betterment, to enhance the satisfaction of future needs and new applications: dramatic lead time shortening, totally automated applications, enlarging the ecological materials’ use, etc…

So, the requirements for equipments expand, with high performance, low cost, compliance with operational needs, and
environmentally aware.

The applications for this wide and cross-cutting conference, covers the MV, HV or EHV substations, (either gas or air insulated), as well as MV/LV substation equipments:
• Switchgears, circuit breakers, switchers and selectors,
• Power and instrument transformers,
• Auxiliary equipments, Surge arresters, capacitors…
Protection and control of the equipment and low voltage auxiliaries will be handled only from the point of view of their integration.
NB: Connecting equipments, cables itself, LV equipment protection and control as such will be excluded

For the first time, a technical exhibition will bring together the major decisionmakers of the field. The talks will allow discussions about both the theoretical and practical aspects of the issue, and will lead to innovative solutions and applications.




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