ORAL SESSION 1 (Chairman: Xavier Pennec): Geometric Statistics on manifolds and Lie groups

·         Xavier Pennec : Bi-invariant means on Lie groups with Cartan-Schouten connections
·         Marco Lorenzi : Parallel Transport with Pole Ladder: Application to Deformations of time Series of Images
·         Stefan Sommer : Horizontal Dimensionality Reduction and Iterated Frame Bundle Development
·         Sheng YI : A Subspace Learning of Dynamics on a Shape Manifold: A generative modeling approach

ORAL SESSION 2 (Alain Trouvé ): Deformations in Shape Spaces

·         James Fishbaugh : Geodesic image regression with a sparse parameterization of diffeomorphisms
·         Claire Cury : Template Estimation for Large Database : a DiffeomorphicIterative Centroid Method Using Currents
·         Olivier Ruatta : On the geometry and the deformation of shape represented by a piecewise continuous Bézier curve with application to shape optimization
·         Christof Seiler : Random Spatial Structure in Deformations and Bayesian Nonparameterics

ORAL SESSION 3 (Chairman: Michel Berthier): Diferential Geometry in Signal Processing

·         Michel Berthier : A Riemannian Fourier Transform via Spin Representations
·         Aurélien Schutz : K-Centroids-Based Supervised Classification of Texture Images using the SIRV modeling
·         Jia Du : Bayesian Atlas Estimation from High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging (HARDI)
·         Christopher TJ Dodson : Dimensionality reduction for classification of stochastic fibre radiographs

ORAL SESSION 4 (chairman: J.F. Marcotorchino): Relational Metric

·         Jean François Marcotorchino : Optimal Transport and Minimal Trade Problem, Impacts on Relational Metrics and Applications to Large Graphs and Networks Modularity
·         Patricia Conde Céspedes : Comparing different modularization criteria using relational metric
·         Julien Ah-Pine : A general framework for comparing heterogeneous binary relations
·         Klavdija Kutnar : On Prime-valent Symmetric Bicirculants and Cayley Snarks

ORAL SESSION 5 (Chairman: Michel Deza & M. Petitjean): Discrete Metric Spaces

·         Pavel Chebotarev : Studying new classes of graph metrics
·         Jin Akiyama : Tessellabilities, Reversibilities, and Decomposabilities of Polytopes
·         Carlile Lavor : Counting the number of solutions of KDMDGP instances
·         Antonio Mucherino : On the identification of discretization ordersfor distance geometry with intervals

ORAL SESSION 6 (Chairman: Frank Nielsen): Computational Information Geometry

·         Frank Nielsen : Hypothesis testing, information divergence and computational geometry
·         Christophe Saint-Jean : A new implementation of k-MLE for mixture modelling of Wishart distributions
·         Mohamed Belkhelfa : Variational Problem in Euclidean Space With Density
·         Jan Naudts : The exponential family in abstract information theory

ORAL SESSION 7 (Chairman: Michel Boyom): Hessian Information Geometry I

·         Hiroshi Matsuzoe : Hessian structures on deformed exponential families
·         Robert Wolak : Foliations on Affinely Flat Manifolds. Information Geometry
·         Young Jin Suh : Hypersurfaces with Isometric Reeb Flowin Hermitian Symmetric Spaces of rank 2
·         Hiroshi Nagaoka : Complexification of information geometry in view of quantum estimation theory
·         Mitsuhiro Itoh : Fisher information geometry of the barycenter of probability measures

ORAL SESSION 8 (Chairman: Frank Critchley): Computational Aspects of Information Geometry in Statistics

·         Frank Critchley : Computational information geometry instatistics: foundations.
·         Paul Marriott : Computational information geometry in statistics: mixture modelling
·         Michael Betancourt : A General Metric for Riemannian Manifold Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
·         John Kent : Visualizing projective shape space

ORAL SESSION 9 (Chairman: Silvere Bonnabel): Optimization on Matrix Manifolds

·         Nicolas Boumal : Interpolation and regression of rotation matrices
·         Martin Kleinsteuber : A Geometric Framework for Non-unitary Joint Diagonalization of Complex Symmetric Matrices
·         P.-A. Absil : An extrinsic look at the Riemannian Hessian
·         Roman Belavkin : Law of Cosines and Shannon-Pythagorean Theorem for Quantum Information
·         Axel Barrau : Some remarks on the intrinsic Cramer-Rao bound

ORAL SESSION 10 (Chairman: Gabriel Peyré, Bertrand Maury): Optimal Transport Theory

·         Quentin Mérigot : A comparison of two dual methods for discrete optimal transport
·         Ofir Pele : The Tangent Earth Mover's Distance
·         Jérôme Bertrand : A geometric study of Wasserstein spaces: an addendum on the boundary
·         Luca Calatroni : A primal-dual approach for a total variation Wasserstein flow

ORAL SESSION 11 (Chairman: Marc Arnaudon): Probability on Manifolds

·         Bijan Afsari : Group Action Induced Distances on Spaces of High-Dimensional Linear Stochastic Processes
·         Thomas Hotz : Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Means on the Circle
·         Ronen Talmon : Nonlinear Modeling and Processing Using Empirical Intrinsic Geometry with Application to Biomedical Imaging
·         Ola Ahmad : Integral Geometry of Linearly Combined Gaussian and Student-t, and Skew Student's t Random Fields

ORAL SESSION 12 (Chairman: Michel Broniatowski): Divergence Geometry & Ancillarity

·         Alexis Decurninge : Estimation and tests under L-moment condition models
·         Michel Broniatowski : Maximum likelihood, divergences and the weighted bootstrap
·         Wolfgang Stummer : Some Decision Procedures Based on Geometries of Scaled Bregman Distances
·         Drantisek  Matus : Generalized minimizers of convex integral functionals, Bregman distance, Pythagorean identities
·         Jean-François Bercher : Some results on a chi-divergence, an extended Fisher information and a   generalized Cramér-Rao inequality

ORAL SESSION 13 (Chairman: Roger Balian): Entropic Geometry

·         Remi LEANDRE : The Stochastic Flow Theorem for an Operator of Order Four
·         Philippe Jacquet : Geometry and Shannon Capacity
·         Roger Balian : A metric for quantum states issued from von Neumann's entropy
·         Fabian Reffel : Continuity of f-projections on discrete spaces

ORAL SESSION 14 (Chairman: Jesus Angulo): Tensor-Valued Mathematical Morphology

·         Jasper van de Gronde : Frames for tensor field morphology
·         Jesus Angulo : Complete lattice structure of Poincaré upper-half plane and mathematical morphology for hyperbolic-valued images
·         Santiago Velasco-Forero : Supervised morphology for structure tensor-valued images based on symmetric divergence kernels
·         Melek Charfi : Using the Bhattacharyya mean for the filtering and clustering of positive-definite matrices

ORAL SESSION 15 (Chairman: Michael Aupetit, Frédéric Chazal): Machine/Manifold/Topology Learning

·         Bertrand Michel : Deconvolution for the Wasserstein metric and geometric inference
·         Fabian Lim : On directional-search procedures for orbifolds: connections with the manifold framework
·         Nicolas Duchateau : Adaptation of multiscale function extension to inexact matching. Application to the mapping of individuals to a learnt manifold.
·         Frédéric Chazal : Interleaved Filtrations: Theory and Applications in Point Cloud Data Analysis

ORAL SESSION 16 (Chairman: Frédéric Barbaresco): Hessian Information Geometry II

·         Atsumi Ohara : Geometry on Positive Definite Matrices Induced from V-potential Function
·         Frederic Barbaresco : Information Geometry and Koszul Entropy
·         Jun Zhang : Symplectic and Kähler Structures on Statistical Manifolds Induced from Divergence Functions
·         Julien Keller : Geometric Quantization of complex Monge-Ampère operator for certain diffusion flows

ORAL SESSION 17 (Chairman: Arshia Cont): Geometry of Audio Processing

·         Arnaud Dessein : Online Change Detection in Exponential Families with Unknown Parameters
·         Joel Bensoam : Differential Geometry applied to Acoustics : Non Linear Propagation in Reissner Beams
·         Shlomo DUBNOV : Characterizing time series variability and predictability from information geometry dynamics

ORAL SESSION 18 (chairman: Ali M. Djafari): Geometry of Inverse Problems

·         Ali Djafari : Variational Bayesian Methods for Inverse Problems
·         Hichem Snoussi : Learning General Gaussian Kernel Hyperparameters for SVR using Optimization on Symmetric Positive-Definite Matrices Manifold
·         John Armstrong : Stochastic filtering by projection: the example of the quadratic sensor
·         Gregory Chirikjian : A Probabilistic Solution to the AX=XB Problem: Sensor Calibration Without Correspondence
·         Simone Fiori : Random Clouds on Matrix Lie Groups

ORAL SESSION 19 (Chairman: Giovanni Pistone): Algebraic/Infinite dimensionnal/Banach Information Manifolds

·         Kei Kobayashi : Asymptotically Efficient Estimators for Algebraic Statistical Manifolds
·         Hông Vân Lê : Invariant geometric structures  on statistical models
·         Nigel Newton : Infinite-Dimensional Manifolds of Finite-Entropy Probability Measures
·         Rui Vigelis : The Δ2-condition and φ-families of probability distributions
·         Gabriel Ignacio Loaiza Ossa : A Riemannian geometry in the q-exponential Banach manifold induced by q-divergences

ORAL SESSION 20 (Chairman: Hichem Snoussi) Information Geometry Manifolds

·         Keiko Uohashi : Harmonic maps relative to alpha-connections on Hessian domains
·         Nicolas Courty : A kernel view on manifold sub-sampling based on Karcher variance optimization
·         Guido Montufar : Maximal Information Divergence from Statistical Models defined by Neural Networks
·         Djamel Abdelkader ZIGHED : Neighborhood Random Classification

ORAL SESSION 21 (Chairman: Olivier Schwander) Algorithms on Manifolds

·         Takashi Tsuchiya : Information Geometry and Interior-Point Algorithms
·         Ben Jeuris : Geometric mean algorithms based on harmonic and arithmetic iterations
·         Diego H. Diaz Martinez : Multiscale Covariance Fields, Local Scales, and Shape Transforms
·         Miklós Pálfia : Deterministic walks and quasi-subgradient methods for the Karcher mean on NPC spaces

POSTER SESSION (Chairman: Frédéric Barbaresco)

·         Laurent Gajny : Fast polynomial spline approximation for large scattered data sets via L1 minimization
·         Haiyan Fan : Targets detection of non-stationary radar signal using Riemannian geometry
·         Thomas Boulay : High-Dimensional range profile geometrical visualization and performance estimation of classification of radar targets via mixture model
·         Nicolas Loménie : Visual Point Set Processing with Lattice Structures: Application to parsimonious representations of digital histopathology images
·         Hamid Krim : Activity Video Analysis via Operator-based Local Embedding
·         Aqsa Shabbir : Multivariate texture discrimination based on geodesics to class centroids on a generalized Gaussian manifold
·         Luigi Malagò : Robust Estimation of Natural Gradient in Optimization by Regularized Linear Regression
·         Thomas Bouetou : To the Homogeneous symplectic Manifold toward the Geometry of information