Final Paper Submission

The session chairs will be given strict instructions to ensure time limits are rigorously respected, particularly with regard to the timing of each paper presentation. Authors presenting papers should therefore take this into account in their preparations.

Session chairs are expected to present the session and its authors, help get debates started, and keep an eye on timing. As a result, authors must prepare a brief biography, which will be used during the session.

The orators must be careful not to rush their presentation (not more than 150 words/minute), which must run for 25 minutes max. and will be followed by 5 min. of questions. The presentation should include a slide sequence. Generally speaking, authors should allow 1-3 minutes per slide for comments.

Authors will have at their disposal:
- A PC-compatible video-projector
- A PC with Powerpoint
At least half a day before your presentation, in the "Pre-view” room, provide the technician there with a floppy disk, CD-ROM or USB memory key containing your presentation file for uploading into the desktop for your session. The uploaded file will be deleted after your presentation. Use of Power Point® format is recommended; remember to avoid "exotic" or small fonts, and overcrowded slides.


To ensure the slides are legible from the back of the conference room, the size of the printed letters must be approximately in font size 32 for the largest headings and between font sizes 22 and 28 for the text.
Since the dimensions of the transparencies are 21 cm x 29.7 cm (ISO A4), it is preferable not to include more than 10 lines or equations per page. It is also recommended that the slides be used in horizontal format. As a guideline, speakers are advised to provide no more than 2-3 minutes’ commentary on each slide.
A short abstract (about 300 words in a word file) has to be provided to be included in the “book of abstracts” given at each participant at the conference.
Best way to comply to the paper format specifications is to use the Paper Template this is a file containing the paper format detailed specifications and formatted as a ETTC 2017 paper.
Just download it (see buttons at the end of this page)  and use it as a model by overtyping on its text. 
The updated abstract and the final paper (6 pages max) should be transmitted by email, before april 30, to the ETTC 2017 Congress Secretariat:
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