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The frontispiece of an Adelard of Bath Latin translation of Euclid's Elements, c. 1309–1316; the oldest surviving Latin translation of the Elements is a 12th-century translation by Adelard from an Arabic version.
Adelard of Bath:
He left England toward the end of the 11th century for Tours in France
Adelard taught for a time at Laon, leaving Laon for travel no later than 1109.
After Laon, he travelled to Southern Italy and Sicily no later than 1116.
Adelard also travelled extensively throughout the "lands of the Crusades": Greece, West Asia, Sicily, Spain, and potentially Palestine.
Adelard of Bath was the first to translate Euclid’s Elements in Latin
Adelard of Bath has introduced the word « Algorismus » in Latin after his translation of  Al Khuwarizmi
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