Welcome at MEA 2015

It is with great excitement that we would like to welcome you to Toulouse for this year’s European More Electric Aircraft conference where state of the art developments and upcoming technologies will be presented by the main industries and academic institutions working in the field. The need to reduce emissions and enhance transportation availability is driving the move towards transport electrification. The adoption of more electrical technology is also being fuelled by strong advances in many of the technology building blocks such as wide bandgap devices, energy storage technologies, new manufacturing processes and the adoption of new materials. Whilst much work has already been demonstrated and more-electrical platforms such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 are a reality, there is much more to do to further reduce the weight and improve the reliability of electrical systems.

Following the successful European More Electric Aircraft conference held in Bordeaux in November 2012, this year we have an expanded conference programme with a very strong line-up of plenary and keynote speakers.  These will be complemented by poster sessions which will cover a broad range of more electrical aircraft topics including energy storage, operations on ground, thermal management, power generation and distribution, actuation systems and the more electric engine. The airframers’ perspectives will also be presented and state of the art results from major EU programmes such as Clean Sky, Actuation 2015, Innovate and others will be presented.

Attending this conference is an opportunity not to be missed if you are working in this field.  The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for networking, meeting industrial and academic colleagues working in your field as well as time to enjoy the beautiful city and food of Toulouse. 

We look forward to seeing you in February.

Chris Gerada, Serge Berenger, co-chairs of MEA 2015 Programme Committee


The Organizing Committee has made its best efforts to provide convenient facilities to the conference attendees: the Pierre Baudis Congress Center which is located downtown Toulouse offers at the same level the auditorium for the keynotes and plenary presentations, together with a large area combining industrial exhibition, display for poster sessions, as well as catering.

The vicinity with FDFC 2015 (Fundamentals & Developments of Fuel Cells conference) will offer a unique opportunity of strong interaction of MEA and FDFC communities through the joint session on Thursday morning, and the allowance to visit each other’s exhibition. In addition, the welcome reception at City Hall on Tuesday evening will be held jointly. The social programme also includes a gala dinner on Wednesday night where the well-known “Gastronomie du Sud-Ouest” is to be combined with international entertainment.

The Organizing Committee thanks local authorities as well as industrial and institutional sponsors for their support, and is looking forward to receive your feedback during or after the conference.

Florent Christophe, chairman of the Organizing Committee


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