Technical Program

Sunday, September 21 
Tutorial session 1
Chaired by Ali Mohammad-Djafari / Frédéric Barbaresco / John Skilling
71 Modern Probability Theory
85 The Basics of Information Geometry
94 Voronoi diagrams in information geometry
Lunch break
Tutorial session 2
Chaired by Ariel Caticha / Ken H. Knuth / Frank Nielsen
104 Foundations and Geometry
101 Uncertainty quantification for computer model
95 Geometric Structures Induced From Divergence Functions
9 Koszul Information Geometry and Souriau Lie Group Thermodynamics
1 Bayesian and Information Geometry in signal processing
Welcome buffet
Monday September 22
Opening Session
A. Mohammad-Djafari & F. Barbaresco
Oral session 1- Statistical Manifolds
Chaired by: Steeve Zozor / J.F. Bercher / Ariel Caticha
67 Triangulating Statistical Manifolds
Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, David Cohen-Steiner, Pooran Memari and Arnaud Poinas,
69 Statistics on Lie groups : a need to go beyond the pseudo-Riemannian framework
Nina Miolane and Xavier Pennec,
76 From Almost Gaussian to Gaussian
Max H. M. Costa, Chandra Nair and Olivier Rioul
9 Koszul Information Geometry and Souriau Lie Group Thermodynamics
F. Barbaresco
Coffee break
Poster session 1
Chaired by:  Kevin Knuth / Nicolas Gac / Mathiew Kowalski / Aurélia Fraisse
105 Cluster Analysis
John Skilling
28 In search of hidden variables - Poster Presentation
Anthony Garrett
25 Contrast enhancement in polarimetric imaging with correlated noise fluctuations
Swapnesh Panigrahi, Julien Fade and Mehdi Alouini
33 TIB parametrization of signal processing
Xiao Yu
34 An Upper Bound for the Fisher-Rao Distance of Multivariate Normal Models
Julianna Pinele, Joao Strapasson and Sueli Costa
36 Ralf Nolte and Andreas Zimbal, A Bayesian method to estimate the neutron response matrix of a single crystal CVD diamond detector
Marcel Reginatto, Francis Gagnon-Moisan, Jorge Guerrero
41 Signal analysis of NEMS sensors at the output of a chromatography column
Francois Bertholon, Olivier Harant, Christian Jutten, Pierre Grangeat, Bertrand Bourlon and Laurent Gerfault
59 Inference of trajectories over a time-dependent phase space distribution
Diego González and Sergio Davis
79 Entropy production between extremes, or how to reach equilibrium by the fastest way
A. Heitor Reis
50 Maximum power entropy method for ecological data analysis
Osamu Komori and Shinto Eguchi
86 Entropic Dynamics of Relativistic Quantum Fields: What is a Particle?
Selman Ipek and Ariel Caticha
Lunch break
Oral session 2 Entropy Foundations
Chaired by: A. Mohammad-Djafari / J. Skilling
Invited talk: On the structure of Entropy (96)
M. Gromov
Coffee break
Oral session 3 Information Geometry
Chaired by: A. Caticha / Steeve Zozor / F. Nielsen
29 Foliations in Information Geometr
Robert Wolak and Michel Nguiffo Boyom
20 Fisher Information Geometry of the Barycenter Map
Mitsuhiro Itoh and Hiroyasu Satoh
37 Statistical analysis via the curvature of data spaces
Kei Kobayashi, Mitsuru Orita and Henry P. Wynn
75 Entropy and Integral Geometry on Motion Spaces
Gregory Chirikjian and Bernard Shiffman
Tuesday, September 23
Oral session 4 – History of Science
Chaired by: John Skilling / Antony Garrette
Invited talk: Duhem’s abstract thermodynamics (89)
Stephano Bordoni,
30 hannon’s Formula and Hartley’s Rule: A Mathematical Coincidence?
Olivier Rioul and José Carlos Magossi
52 From samples, how many classes are there in a population?
Anthony Garrett
Coffee break
Oral session 5 – Bayesian inference
Chaired by: R. Bontekoe / F. Nielsen / J. Skilling
10 Bayesian particle flow for estimation, decisions and transport
Fred Daum
55 Application of Kahler manifold to signal processing and Bayesian inference
Jaehyung Choi and Andrew P. Mullhaupt
87 Nested sampling with demons
Michael Habeck
Lunch break
Oral session 6 - Foundations and Geometry
Chaired by: John Skilling / F. Nielsen / Ariel Caticha
95 Information geometry and optimal transport theory
Jun Zhang
43 Optimum Operating Conditions for Two-Phase Flow in Pore Network Systems: Conceptual /Numerical Justification Based on the MEP principle
Marios Valavanides and Tryfon Daras
8 Cognitive-Constructivism, Quine, Dogmas of Empiricism, and Muenchhausen’s Trilemma
Julio Stern
Poster session 2
Chaired by:  Jean-François Bercher / Valérie Girardin / Marcel Reginatto
4 Demo with Mathematica
6 Non-Negative Matrix Factorization and Term Structure of Interest Rates
Hellinton Takada and Julio Stern
7 Information Criterion for Selection of Ubiquitous Factors
Hellinton Takada and Julio Stern
15 Robust Burg Estimation of stationary autoregressive mixtures covariance
Alexis Decurninge and Frédéric Barbaresco
17 Harmonic maps relative to $\alpha$-connections on statistical manifolds
Keiko Uohashi,
18 Non Parametric Denoising Methods Based on Wavelets : Application to Electron Microscopy Images in Low Time Exposure
Soumia Sid Ahmed, Zoubeida Messali, Abdeldjalil Ouhabi, Sylvain Trepout, Cedric Messaoudi and Segio Marco
22 Most Likely Maximum Entropy for Population Analysis: a case study in decompression sickness prevention
Youssef Bennani, Luc Pronzato and Maria-Joao Rendas
46 Aero-accoustics source separation with sparsity inducing priors in the frequency domain
Olivier Schwander, José Picheral, Nicolas Gac, Daniel Blacodon and Ali Mohammad-Djafari
56 Bounds on Thermal Efficiency from Inference
Ramandeep Johal, Renuka Rai and Guenter Mahler
60 Maximum entropy modelling of opinions in social groups
Yasmín Navarrete, Sergio Davis and Gonzalo Gutiérrez
62 Comparing Entropy and Energy Goodness-of-fit test for Lévy Distribution
Mina Aminghafari and Maryam Hematti
63 Approach with a heavy-tailed prior distribution for solving a non-linear inverse scattering problem
Leila Gharsalli, Hacheme Ayasso, Bernard Duchêne and Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Variational Bayesian
80, Assessment of two MCMC algorithms convergence for Bayesian estimation of the particle size distribution from multiangle dynamic light scattering measurements
Abdelbassit Boualem, Meryem Jabloun, Philippe Ravier, Marie Naiim and Alain Jalocha
81 Bayesian Reconstruction in Lévy Distribution
Isaac Almasi and Adel Mohammadpour
65 A Bayesian Analysis Of Kepler-2b Using The EXONEST Algorithm
Ben Placek and Kevin Knuth
77 TFBS Prediction with Stochastic Differential Equation and Time Series
Mohsen Salehi, Adel Mohammadpour and Mina Aminghafari
83 Entropy-based goodness-of-fit test for positive stable distribution
Mahdi Teimouri, Saeid Rezakhah and Adel Mohammadpour
88 On coarse graining of information and its application to pattern recognition
Ali Ghaderi
90 Bayesian analysis of factors associated with Fibromyalga syndrome subjects
Veroni Jayawardana, Adom Giffin and Sumona Mondal
91 Using Bayes factors for multi-factor, biometric authentification
Adom Giffin, Joseph Skufca and Palmer Lao
93 MaxEnt Analysis of a Water Distribution Network in Canberra, ACT, Australia
Steven H. Waldrip, Robert K. Niven, Markus Abel and Michael Schlegel
Wednesday, September 24
Oral session 7 - Quantum physics
Chaired by: S. Zozor / J.F. Bercher / F. Barbaresco
98 Invited talk: The entropy-based quantum metric
 R. Balian
 27 A new maximum entropy/information geometry approach to bayesian foundations of quantum theory
 Ryszard Kostecki 
 Coffee break
 Oral session 8 – Quantum physics
 Chaired by: Roger Balian / J.F. Bercher / Ariel Caticha / R. Kostecki
 84 Entropic Dynamics: from Entropy and Information Geometry
 Ariel Caticha, Daniel Bartolomeo and Marcel Reginatto
38  The geometrical structure of quantum theory as a natural generalization of information geometry
Marcel Reginatto
44 The MaxEnt extension of a quantum Gibbs family, convex geometry and geodesics
Stephan Weis
45 Beyond Landau--Pollak and entropic inequalities: geometric bounds imposed on uncertainties sum
Steeve Zozor, Gustavo Martín Bosyk, Mariela Portesi, Tristan Osán and Pedro Walter Lamberti
61 Anyons in the Operational Formalism
Klil Neori and Philip Goyal
Lunch break
Oral session 9 - Quantum entropy
Chaired by: S. Zozor / R. Balian / Roman Belavkin
64 On Variational Definition of Quantum Entropy
Roman Belavkin
Visit of Chenonceau castle
Gala Diner at Chissay Castle
Thursday, September 25
Oral session 10 -  Geometric Structure of Information
Chaired by:  Ariel Caticha / John Skilling
Invited talk: Topological forms of information (97)
D. Bennequin
24 Information Geometry for Semi-parametric and Supervised Density Estimation
Ke Sun and Stéphane Marchand-Maillet
Coffee break
Oral session 11- Learning, Information, Divergence
Chaired by:  Frank Nielson / Kevin Knuth / Fred Daum / O. Rioul
26 Goodness-of-fit tests based on $(h,\varphi)$-divergences and entropy differences
Jean-François Bercher, Valérie Girardin, Justine Lequesne and Philippe Regnault
35 A novel boosting algorithm for multi-task learning based on the Itakuda-Saito divergence
Takashi Takenouchi, Osamu Komori and Shinto Eguchi
12 Towards automorphic to differential correspondence for vertex algebras
Alexander Zuevsky
82 Minimum risk equivariant minimum divergence estimates for moment condition models
Michel Broniatowski, Jana Jureckova and Amor Keziou
Lunch break
Oral session 12 – Bayesian learning
Chaired by: Stephan Weis / F. Nielsen / Ariel Caticha
78 On learning statistical mixtures maximizing the complete likelihood
Frank Nielsen
93 Robust phase estimation for signals with a low signal-to-noise-ratio
U. von Toussaint
73 Time-coherency of Bayesian priors of transient semi-Markov chains for sequential alignment
Philippe Cuvillier
Coffee break
Poster session 3
Chaired by:  Mathieu Kowalski / Aurélia Fraisse / Olivier Rioul /  Sueli Costa
5 Analysis of information into marginal effects
Justine Lequesne and Valérie Girardin
13 A Special Form of SPD Matrix for Interpretation and Visualization of Data Manipulated with Riemannian Geometry
Marco Congedo and Alexandre Barachant
19 Information geometry for radar detection in heterogeneous environments
Jean-François Degurse
21 Probability on spaces of curves and in the associated metric spaces via information geometry: Application to the statistical study of non-stationary Radar signatures
Alice Le Brigant, Marc Arnaudon and Frédéric Barbaresco
31First Order Dependence Trees with Cumulative Residual Entropy
Muhammed Sutcu and Ali Abbas
47 De Bruijn identity: from Shannon entropy and Fisher information to generalized $f-$divergences and $f-$Fisher divergences
Steeve Zozor and Jean-Marc Brossier
48 Distributed consensus for metamorphic systems using a gossip algorithm for CAT(0) metric spaces
Anass Bellachehab and Jeremie Jakubowicz
51 Information-Based Physics, Influence and Forces
James Walsh and Kevin Knuth
53 Estimating the periodic components of a biomedical signal through Inverse Problem modeling and Bayesian Inference with sparsity enforcing prior
Mircea Dumitru and Ali Mohammad-Djafari
54 Bayesian 3D X-ray Computed Tomography image reconstruction with a Scaled Gaussian Mixture prior model
Li Wang, Ali Mohammad-Djafari and Nicolas Gac
57 Geodesic least squares regression for scaling studies in magnetic confinement fusion
Geert Verdoolaege
66 A Hierarchical Variational Bayesian Approximation Approach in Robust Acoustic Imaging
Ning Chu, Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Nicolas Gac and José Picheral
68 Quantitative microcopy: markers colocalization on intracellular vesicular structures
Yannis Kalaidzidis, Inna Kalaidzidis and Marino Zerial
70 Maximum-entropy method of moments for density estimation with large number of moments
Kiamars Vafayi
72 The Problem of Motion: The Statistical Mechanics of Zitterbewegung
Kevin Knuth
74 A Bayesian interpretation of first-order phase transitions
Sergio Davis, Joaquín Peralta, Yasmín Navarrete, Diego González and Gonzalo Gutiérrez
94 Bayesian uncertainty quantification for an electrostatic plasma model
R. Preuss and U. von Toussaint
Friday, September 25
Oral session 13 – Entropy and Information Geometry
Chaired by: John Skilling/ F. Nielsen / F. Barbaresco
39 F-Geometry and the Geometry Induced by a Two Point Function on a Statistical Manifold
Subrahamanian K S Moosath and Harsha K.V.
49 Gradient flow of the stochastic relaxation on a generic exponential family
Luigi Malagò and Giovanni Pistone
11 Geometry of F-likelihood Estimators and F-Max-Ent Theorem
Harsha K V and Subrahamanian Moosath K S
92 MaxEnt Analysis of Flow and Reaction Networks
Robert Niven, Markus Abel, Steven H. Waldrip, Michael Schlegel and Bernd R. Noack
Coffee break
Oral session 14 - Bayesian inference
Chaired by: P. Maréchal / Steeve Zozor / J.F. Bercher
Dawn Holmes
14 Origin of generalized entropies and generalized statistical mechanics for superstatistical multifractal systems
Bahruz Gadjiev and Tatiana Progulova
40 Information geometry of Bayesian statistics
Hiroshi Matsuzoe
103 Bayesian uncertainty quantification for an electrostatic plasma model
R. Preuss and Udo V. Toussaint
Lunch break
Oral session 15 - Maximum Entropy Principle
Chaired by: Dawn Holmes / John Skilling /  Hiroshi Matsuzoe
3 Dynamics of non-stationary processes that follow the MaxEnt principle for Shannon and Renyi entropies
Alexander Fradkov and Dmitry Shalymov
16 MinNorm approximation of MaxEnt/MinDiv problems for probability tables
Patrick Bogaert and Sarah Gengler
23 Duality for maximum entropy diffusion MRI
Pierre Maréchal
42 Duality in a maximum generalized entropy model
Shinto Eguchi, Osamu Komori and Atsumi Ohara
58 Newtonian Dynamics from the principle of Maximum Caliber
Diego González, Sergio Davis and Gonzalo Gutiérrez
Coffee break
Closing Session
A. Mohammad-Djafari & F. Barbaresco
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