Optimal transport

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Fichier Analysis of Optimal Transport Related Mis fit Functions in Seismic Imaging GSI2017 Björn Engquist, full waveform inversion, inverse problem, Optimal transport, optimization, seismic imaging, Yunan Yang
Fichier Semi-Discrete Optimal Transport in Patch Space for Enriching Gaussian Textures GSI2017 Arthur Leclaire, Bruno Galerne, Julien Rabin, Optimal transport, patch distribution, texture synthesis
Fichier Optimal Transport to Rényi Entropies GSI2017 entropy-power inequality, Olivier Rioul, Optimal transport, Rényi entropy
Fichier Diffeomorphic random sampling using optimal information transport GSI2017 density matching, diffeomorphism groups, Fisher-Rao metric, image registration, Information geometry, Klas Modin, Martin Bauer, Optimal transport, random sampling, Sarang Joshi
Fichier Coordinate-wise transformation and Stein-type densities GSI2017 coordinate-wise transformation, copositivity, copula, freeenergy functional, Optimal transport, positive dependence, Stein-type density, Tomonari Sei
Fichier Non-convex relaxation of optimal transport for color transfer between images GSI2015 Color transfer, Julien Rabin, Nicolas Papadakis, Optimal transport, Relaxation, Présentation
Fichier Optimal Transport, Independance versus Indetermination duality, impact on a new Copula Design GSI2015 Benoit Huyot, Condorcet and relational analysis, Copula theory, Indetermination and independance structures, Jean-François Marcotorchino, MKP problem, Optimal transport, Yves Mabiala, Présentation
Fichier Some geometric consequences of the Schrödinger problem GSI2015 Christian Leonard, Displacement interpolations, Entropic interpolations, Lott-Sturm-Villani theory, Lower bounded curvature of metric spaces, Optimal transport, Schrödinger problem, Présentation
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