Ali Mohammad-Djafari

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Segment Session Geometry of Tensor-Valued Data (chaired by Jesús Angulo, Yannick Berthoumieu, Geert Verdoolaege, Ali Mohammad-Djafari) GSI2017 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Geert Verdoolaege, Jesús Angulo, Yannick Berthoumieu
Fichier Variational Bayesian Approximation method for Classification and Clustering with a mixture of Studen GSI2015 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Présentation
Segment Bayesian and Information Geometry for Inverse Problems (chaired by Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Olivier Swander) GSI2015 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Olivier Swander
Fichier Variational Bayesian Approach with a heavy-tailed prior distribution for solving a non-linear inverse scattering problem MaxEnt 2014 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Bernard Duchêne, Hacheme Ayasso, Leila Gharsalli, Présentation
Fichier Bayesian and Information Geometry in signal processing MaxEnt 2014 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Présentation
Segment Oral session 2 Entropy Foundation (Ali Mohammad-Djafari, John Skilling) MaxEnt 2014 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, John Skilling
Segment Opening session (Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Frédéric Barbaresco) MaxEnt 2014 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Frédéric Barbaresco
Segment Tutorial session 1 (Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Frédéric Barbaresco, John Skilling) MaxEnt 2014 Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Frédéric Barbaresco, John Skilling
Fichier High-Dimensional Range profile geometrical visualization and performance estimation of classification of radar targets via a Gaussian mixture model GSI2013 - Geometric Science of Information Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Julien Lagoutte, Nicolas Gac, Thomas Boulay, Présentation
Segment ORAL SESSION 18 Geometry of Inverse Problems (Ali Mohammad-Djafari) GSI2013 - Geometric Science of Information Ali Mohammad-Djafari
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