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The new generation of wide-body aircraft, as well as the recently 24h autonomy demonstrated solar cell powered proof-of-concept, share a highly sophisticated electric power management, together with an increased number of all electric actuators. High power efficiency of generators, control devices and actuators as well as real-time power balancing with respect to the requirements, directly contribute to reduction of fuel consumption, and therefore pave the way to the green aircraft concepts. But increased potential sensitivity to electromagnetic compatibility hazards has to be accounted for, and even more since composite structure is expected to spread out at the same time.

Battery powered cars have already their equivalent for light general aviation, and state-of-the art technologies for more electric transport aircraft are expected to improve significantly in the next future, thanks to various on-going dedicated R&D programmes . Basic research for example in the fields of power semi-conductors or energy storage is also foreseen to have a strong impact later.

Application for transport aircraft, but also business jets, military, general aviation, rotorcraft, as well as UAS, will be considered.

Following a successful national conference in Toulouse in January 2009, the organisers of this November 2012 European edition are inviting you to join us. 

The event is organized by tSEE and 3AF (GR Bordeaux Aquitaine et 3AF Midi-Pyrénées) 

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1-2 GENOMEa project to optimize More Electrical Aircraft architectures and components.pdf
1-4 State of the Art and perspectives of the more electric helicopter.pdf
2-2 High Integrity Motor Topologies for Aircraft Electrical Drives.pdf
2-3 Superconducting motors and generators state of the art and perspectives.pdf
3-2 Appication case of serial hybrid propulsion for light aircraft.pdf
3-3 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs & Aircraft Applications.pdf
4-2 Integrated optimal design for power systems of more electrical aircraft.pdf
5-1 The MICROTURBO family of APU from the Noelle 60 to the new generation of e-APU's.pdf
5-2 Model-Based Systems Architecting and Controller Design for Multi-Functional Fuel Cell Integration.pdf
5-3 Energy Generation in Aeronautics for Battery-free Wireless Sensor Networks.pdf
6-1 New Design Rules of Harness for More Electrical Aircraft [Lecture seule].pdf
6-3 the use of PowerLine Communication (PLC) Technology in Aircraft.pdf
P1-1 Process for Diagnosis Method classification in Avionics Critical SystemApplication to a Sensor Acquisition System.pdf
P1-12 FPGA-based sensor processing algorithms design & testing made simple with the new dSPACE tool chain.pdf
P1-13 Efficient exclusion devices for non-pressurized, linear and rotary motion Electro Mechanical Actuators.pdf
P1-16 Impact of electrical consumption limitation on the handling qualities for more electrical flight control systems.pdf
P1-17 Health monitoring of electrical motors proposition of a new principle based on impedance spectrum analyses.pdf
p1-18 Deterministic Ethernet Backbone Impact on Advanced System Integration, SWaP and Distributed Power Generation.pdf
P1-2 Design of a 4-Seat, General Aviation, Electric Aircraft.pdf
P1-5 RF detection of electrical discharges in aerospace applications.pdf
P1-6 Cryogenic Systems Study for Turbo-Electric Distributed Propulsion Aircraft Solution.pdf
P1-7 Ultra-fast and sensitive sensors for the SHM of CFRP components.pdf
P1-8 Comparison between different Stator Current based Indicators for Bearing Fault Detection in Synchronous Machine.pdf
P1-9 Highly Integrated Magnetoresistive Current Sensors for Aerospace Applications.pdf
P2-1 Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) for protection of continuous embedded network.pdf
P2-10 Non-Localised Energy Management for Future Aircraft Systems.pdf
P2-11 Reliability of electronic systems at aircraft level in natural radiation environment.pdf
P2-13 A real-time automatic and adaptive tool for EWIS sizing.pdf
P2-14 HOT View _ Harness Designing Prototype Tool in the design of wire in the field of electromagnetic compatibility.pdf
P2-15 Modeling and simulation of a helicopter-embedded direct current electrical power distribution network.pdf
P2-17 PRISCA (PoweR Integrated and SCAlable) Modular Electrical Power Management.pdf
P2-18 A Personal Plane Air Transportation System The PPlane project.pdf
P2-2 A Test Platform to Evaluate Electro-Mechanical Interaction in Aircraft Generator Systems.pdf
P2-20 More and all electric aircraft Li-ion battery systems-Saft.pdf
P2-3 Experimental Validation of Multiphase Synchronous Generators for Diode Rectified DC Power Networks on Civil Aircraft.pdf
P2-4 Fuel-cell Ultracapacitor Based Hybrid Emergency Power System for More Electric Aircraft.pdf
P2-5 Design of a Lightweight DC_DC Converter Providing Fault Tolerance by a Series Connection of Low Voltage Sources.pdf
P2-6 Performance Improvements in Hard-Switched DCDC-Converters.pdf
P2-9 Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) an application perspective.pdf
The EU Research Framework Programmes contributing to Europe's vision for a sustainable aviation.pdf


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