4 - Simulation temps réel – Projet  TWENTIES


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1 Simulation temps réel – Projet Twenties X. Guillaud – F. Colas 2 OUTLINE COMPONENTS OF THE RT MOCK-UP • Real-Time simulation through the ages • Brief presentation of Twenties Project • Role a Multi Terminal DC grid real-time mock_up • Use of the real time simulation for the design of the mock up 3 AIM OF THE PRESENTATION The aim of the presentation is to present the capability of the real- time simulation in the context of the Twenties project more than the presentation of the Twenties project it self REAL TIME SIMULATION « THROUGH THE AGES » 5 Digital Custom Simulators Hybrid (Analog/Digital) Simulators Analog Simulators 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 Year Digital Supercomputer Simulators Custom, Complex, Costly, Closed REAL TIME SIMULATION THROUGH THE AGES 6 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 Classical Power System Thyristor applications Power converter for electrical machine applications Renewable energy Micro-Grids Hybrid vehicle Embedded grid Power converter for power system REAL TIME SIMULATION THROUGH THE AGES 7 Real Time simulation (50 ms, 100 ms) Interpolation method may be needed to be more accurate on the thyristor impulse time TYPICAL APPLICATION : Test of thyristor converter controllers REAL TIME SIMULATION THROUGH THE AGES 8 Sensor feedback Instantaneous Modeling of the converter (< 1ms) Real Time Modelling (50ms 100ms ) FPGA NEW APPLICATION : Test of transistor converter controllers REAL TIME SIMULATION THROUGH THE AGES 9 Current sensorBus Voltage Real-Time Simulator 15 kVA 10 kHz Bandwidth Power Amplifier DAC Real system Ex : PV System BUS 4 BUS 5 BUS 9 BUS 1 BUS 2 BUS 7 BUS 8 BUS 10 ADC v1 v2 v3 i1 i2 i3 Current Injector NEW FORM OF HYBRID SIMULATION Power Hardware in the loop REAL TIME SIMULATION THROUGH THE AGES BRIEF PRESENTATION OF TWENTIES PROJECT 11 ORGANISATION OF TWENTIES PROJECT TWENTIES proposal 15th Paril meeting WP1:ProjectManagement(REE) WP2: Specification and requirements for the demonstrations (REE) WP16 EU-wide integrated assessment of the demonstration replicationpotential (RISOE) WP17:Dissemination(REE) KPI definition and measurements Barriers to be overcome Detailed requirements and specifications for the demonstrations Task Force 1: Contributions from intermittent generation and load to system services Demo IBD WP15 Economic impacts of the demonstrations, barriers towards scaling up and solutions (IIT Comillas) Demo DONG WP3 R&D WP9 Demo WP4 R&D WP10 Demo Task Force 2: Allow for offshore wind development Demo RTE Demo ENDK WP5 R&D WP11 Demo WP6 R&D WP12 Demo Task Force 3: Give more flexibility to the transmission grid Demo ELIA Demo REE WP7 R&D WP13 Demo WP8 R&D WP14 Demo 12 DEMO 3 Objectives DEMO 3 in TWENTIES PROJECT  To provide the critical building blocks of DC grid control  To define protection strategies and demonstrate the viability of DC breakers Two main Work packages  WP 5 (R&D)  WP11 (demonstration) DEMO 3 organisation 13 Mains studies performed within WP5 What we learned from DEMO 3 Comparison of the performances of different converters topologies  Comparison of radial, multi-terminal, meshed topologies Impact of AC faults on the DC grid  Protection coordination and special protection schemes Ancillary Services functions Fault ride through capability  Economic analysis in regards to market integration  Reliability analysis ROLE OF A REAL TIME MOCK-UP 15 ROLE OF A REAL-TIME HYBRID MOCK-UP THE STUDIED SYSTEM : Multi Terminal High Voltage DC grid Meshed grid Antenna connection Interaction with AC system 16 ROLE OF A REAL-TIME HYBRID MOCK-UP 2 AIMS OF THE STUDY Managment of the DC voltage level and the power flow in the grid (Pierre Rault Phd student in L2EP) Fault Selective detection (Justine Descloux Phd student in G2ELAB) Most of the studies have been achieved with EMTP but we wanted to have experimental validation 17 • Limitations of the mock up – Influence of resistivity of the cables – High dynamic behavior of low voltage cable is not the same as for high voltage cable • Interest of the Mock-up – Intermediary step between full simulation and demonstrator – Experimental validation of the behaviour found in simulation – More realistic validation of the communication between the different elements – Test of the instrumentation for the fault detection 18 REAL-TIME SIMULATION AND THE MOCK-UP 19 General overview Low voltage DC Grid 2x15 km of cables AC Grid And Windfarms simulation RT simulated VSC Real VSC SCADA system DC Breaker And protection algorithms Vdc = 250V, Idcnom = 10A Uac = 125V 1 2 3 4 5 20 General overview Real VSC Vdc = 250V, Idcnom = 10A Uac = 125V 1 2 3 4 5 RT simulated VSC 21 Inverter design – Structure Inverter Structure - Classical 2 levels VSC - LCL filter stage for AC side - Nominal apparent power : 3000VA 22 General overview Vdc = 250V, Idcnom = 10A Uac = 125V 1 2 3 4 5 RT simulated VSC 23 Inverter design – Simulated VSC 25 /50 ms real-time simulated AC grid rL, rL, rL, a b c v v v a b c i i i av bv cv ai bi ci su suci ci < 1 ms FPGA real-time simulated su ci AC grid simulé DC grid réel 25 /50 ms real-time simulated AC grid rL, rL, rL, a b c v v v a b c i i i av bv cv ai bi ci su suci ci < 1 ms FPGA real-time simulated su ci AC grid simulé DC grid réel Classical multi core CPU FPGA, time step = 270ns Tolowvoltage DCGrid us ic 24 General overview Real VSC Vdc = 250V, Idcnom = 10A Uac = 125V 1 2 3 4 5 25 Inverter design – Real VSC Low level control : - Voltage and current loops - PWM generation - Over current and voltage software protection High level control : - Gateway to the SCADA system - Initialization sequence 26 Inverter design – Real VSC Use of real time simulation to design and test the real VSC Control algorithm FPGA RT model 27 Inverter design – Real VSC 3 Operating Modes: 1- Slave Mode 2- Master Mode 3- Droop Mode  Totally homemade and remote control 28 Inverter design – Real VSC 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 3 200 220 240 260 280 300 Time [s] DCvoltage[V] 4.5 4.51 4.52 4.53 4.54 4.55 4.56 4.57 4.58 4.59 4.6 -12 -8 -4 0 4 8 12 Time [s] Gridcurrent[A] 29 General overview AC Grid And Windfarms simulation Vdc = 250V, Idcnom = 10A Uac = 125V 1 2 3 4 5 30 Simulated AC Grid 1 5 6 2 3 411 97 8 10 700 MW 176 MVAr 700 MW 214 MVAr 717 MW 255 MVAr 700 MW 94 MVAr 1767 MW 100 MVar 967 MW 100 MVar 400 MW Area 1 Area 2 G1 G2 G4 G3 L2L1 Simulated in Real Time Time step = 25µs Kundur power system  2 areas  Primary frequency and voltage control  Each group has a PSS 31 Simulated AC Grid 156 23 41197 8 10 700MW 176MVAr 700MW 214MVAr 717MW 255MVAr 700MW 94MVAr 1767MW 100MVar 967MW 100MVar 400MW Area1Area2 G1 G2 G4 G3 L2L1 SimulatedinRealTime Timestep=25µs Hybrid simulation 32 Simulated Windfarms Station 3 and 4 modeled as a power control Station Station 5 is in Slave mode (Power controlled) Pref Pref Power production for Stations 3, 4 and 5 33 General overview SCADA system Vdc = 250V, Idcnom = 10A Uac = 125V 1 2 3 4 5 34 SCADA System Objectives :  Control each station  Send references to the local control of each station  Coordinated control  Control the state of each components => Act as the DC grid dispatching 35 SCADA System Pref Vdcref Start Stop Idc Vdc Vac Vac P Communication Protocol  OPC  Modbus TCP/IP Perpectives Use only IEC 61850 Pref Vdcref Start Stop Idc Vdc Vac Vac P All components are remote controlled with a SCADA system 36 Short circuit generator Vdc = 250V, Idcnom = 10A Uac = 125V 1 2 3 4 5  Installed at 2 points 37 Voltage regulation of the DC grid • Large variation of power on the DC grid. • Test on the droop voltage capabilities 38  Approximately 1,5 year of development  2 PhD students (J. Descloux (G2ELAB Grenoble , P. Rault L2EP Lille)  3 engineers (S-A. Amamra, H. Fakham, F. Colas)  2 Professors (B. Raison, X. Guillaud)  Support from RTE-France and Twenties project 39 CONCLUSION • We have presented the real-time simulation in the context of Twenties project but the applications of real- time simulation are much wider. • For the of this mock-up, real-time simulation has been widely used either for the development or in the mock- up it self (Power Hardware in the loop) • The future : – Improving the simulation model of the wind farms – Participation of the MTDC to the grid frequency regulation – Including new types of converter (ex : MMC) 40 Thanks for your attention