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ENTSO-E’s Perspectives on HVDC SEE: HVDC 2012 - LE COURANT CONTINU HAUTE TENSION Calais, 23 – 24 Octobre 2012 Name of the speaker and the company Energy policy goals • Sustainability/GHG: ̶ More renewables, further from the loads ̶ More heating and mobility with electricity • Competitiveness/market integration: ̶ More long-distance flows • Security of supply ̶ More optimal resources sharing European transmission grid – key role in reaching the EU policy goals | name of the speaker| date| Page 2 of 21 ENTSO-E - Where are we heading to? | name of the speaker| date| Page 3 of 21 Why a Ten-Year Network Development Plan? Regulation (EC) 714/2009 – “In order to ensure greater transparency regarding the entire electricity transmission network in the [Union], the ENTSO for Electricity should draw up, publish and regularly update a non-binding [Union]-wide ten-year network development plan” | name of the speaker| date| Page 4 of 21 The TYNDP 2012 package • non-binding • updated every 2 years • based on common market and network studies • generation adequacy outlook a vision for the European extra high voltage grid • Ten-Year Network Development Plan • Scenario Outlook and Adequacy Report • 6 Regional Investment Plans a comprehensive document suite that includes Consultation: 1 Mar - 26 Apr. Final release: 5 July 2012 www.entsoe.eu | name of the speaker| date| Page 5 of 21 Renewable energies boom – by 2020 provides 38% of the electricity demand 1/3 of present generation capacity to be replaced to meet demand in the coming decade Peak load growth Grid length development | name of the speaker| date| Page 6 of 21 2020 Europe – 17% increase in infrastructure By end 2016 2017 and beyond | name of the speaker| date| Page 7 of 21 2020 Europe – additional 52300 km lines | name of the speaker| date| Page 8 of 21 DC 12590 km DC lines 1. Permitting and public acceptance  Slow and cumbersome permitting procedures the main obstacle for delivering investments  Public acceptance cannot be improved by TSOs alone 2. Legislative implementation – Some compatibility among the 27 MS energy policies – Some stability in EU legislation 3. Attractive financing framework  “real” return in line with similar risk profiles businesses  incentives for activities “really” managed by TSOs  legislation and regulation in line with 20 to 50 years assets Building the necessary infrastructure – 3 main problems | name of the speaker| date| Page 9 of 21 A 10-year plan to meet EU 202020 goals > 100 projects, 52 300 km, approx. €104 bn of investments • Notwithstanding non pan-European significance projects +1.3% per year grid length development despite a major upcoming shift in generation mix to accommodate wider, stronger, more volatile power flows • One third of the present generation capacity to be built in the coming decade (i.e. +3% per year) A solid basis for the Project of Common Interest selection Social acceptance is still the major challenge! • 1 in TYNDP 2010 investment projects are delayed because of longer than expected authorization procedures | name of the speaker| date| Page 10 of 21 HVDC Challenges HVDC integration in AC networks: stability and control issues to be solved; e.g. France – Spain HVDC interconnection. Multi terminal operation Meshed HVDC grids: stability, control and DC breaker Multi vendor: meshed grid is only conceivable if interoperability between different vendors is solved. Cables: higher power ratings 25 October 2012 | Page 11