Senseurs quantiques intégrés : une utilisation opérationnelle des atomes froids

Auteurs : Bruno Desruelle


Senseurs quantiques intégrés : une utilisation opérationnelle des atomes froids


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            <title>Senseurs quantiques intégrés : une utilisation opérationnelle des atomes froids</title></titles>
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Senseurs quantiques intégrés : une utilisation opérationnelle des atomes froids Journée F2S Bruno Desruelle, Muquans 11 janvier 2018 Outline • General presentation of Muquans • Review of our measurement solutions : – Absolute Quantum Gravimeter – MuClock • Laser and optical technologies Our company Muquans successfuly exploits high-precision measurements based on quantum manipulation of laser-cooled atoms Company overview • Company created in 2011. • Strong scientific background • 25 employees (12 PhD) , gathering a deep scientific & technological expertise : – Quantum physics, Optics & laser – Electronics & microwave, Opto-mechanics, ultra-high vacuum – Real-time software, data acquisition and signal processing Our product line Cold atom gravity meter (Δg/g≈10-9) Atomic clock (Δf/f≈10-15) Laser systems for atom cooling and precision spectroscopy (Δλ/λ≈10-10) Frequency transfer over optical fibers (Δf/f≈10-20) Absolute Quantum Gravimeter General architecture • Laser cooled Rb atoms in free fall + matter wave interferometry with light pulses • Huge benefit from research activities conducted at SYRTE • Key technological innovations : – Hollow pyramid retroreflector (patented) à Single laser beam atom interferometer – Telecom inspired laser system à Fibered, reliable and robust laser system – Active compensation of ground vibration à Excellent immunity to vibration noise Credit LNE-SYRTE Measurement sequence Our first generation instrument Completely automated operation Sensor head 80 cm, 25 kg Control unit 95 cm, 90 kg 1 month gravity measurement . One month continuous gravity measurements . sg(3600 s) < 2 µGal Markets and applications Monitoring of the Earth: - Volcanology - Seismology Sustainable management of underground resources : - Geothermics & Hydrology - Oil & gas - Mining industry Subsurface imaging : - Civil Engineering - Void, tunnel and cavity detection Transportability The AQG has been moved around several times : set up time < 1 h Credit : CNRS/RESIF (S. Bonvalot & N. Lemoigne), LNE-SYRTE (S. Merlet & F. Pereira) MuClock Muclock A commercial atomic clock with improved long term stability and accuracy w.r.t state of the art Performances: Stability(@(1(s( <"3.10'13" Long(term(stability( Obj":"1.10'15" Accuracy( <"5.10'15" " Physical characteristics: Dimensions( 120$x$50$x$50$cm3$ Weight( <$100$kg$ Power(consumption( 200$W$typ.$ Lifetime( >$10$years$ $ Principle of operation 10 Hz repetition frequency Long term stability Lab temperature fluctuations ≈ 5°C pk-pk Laser technologies General architecture • Generation of 780 nm with frequency doubling of 1560 nm (telecom wavelengths). • Telecom components : – Extreme optical performances – completely fibered technology => no optical alignment – Robustness (Telcordia qualified) – Reliability Wavelength Conversion Module Seed Laser 780 nm Optical amplifier Laser characteristics • Power > 250 mW • Spectral width < 40 kHz • Freq. fluctuations < 50 kHz • Sweeping rate > 500 MHz/ms • PLL between Raman frequencies • PER > 20 dB • Frequency locking maintained over several months • Completely fibered • Ultra-compact (19’’, 1U, 50 cm depth) Our portfolio • Laser sources : – 1 W output power – Free-running or fixed frequency – User friendly interface • Intelligent laser systems – Multiple output fibers – Integrated frequency and power control Fibered optical benches • Fibered inputs & outputs • Based on micro-optics technology. Qualified for telecom operation. • Adjustable splitting ratios • Several configurations : 1x2, 2x2, 1x3, 2x3… + AOM + Shutters Conclusion • The beginning of a new era : – First generation gravimeters commercially available. – Second generation instruments under development – Optimization of our Muclock under way. Close to specifications – Solutions available for high performance transfer of optical frequencies – A complete portfolio of laser solutions dedicated to cold atom Physics, spectroscopy and quantum optics