A more Electric Innovation Chain in Europe

Auteurs : Eric Dautriat
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A more Electric Innovation Chain in Europe



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A more Electric Innovation Chain in Europe Clean Sky, Innovation Takes Off Toulouse 3-5 February 2015 Eric Dautriat Executive Director – Clean Sky Joint Undertaking Clean Sky : Innovation takes off Europe’s largest Aeronautics Research Programme ever • CS1 started in 2008 within FP7, up to 2017; continuation decision in 2014 with CS2 in H2020 • Environmental objectives for CS1: CO2 and noise • Environment, competitiveness and mobility for CS2 • CS1: 1.6 B€ value; CS2: 4 B€ • Integrated breakthrough technologies, up to full scale demos • CS2: 2014-2020 (2024) • 600 participants in CS1 www.cleansky.eu Concept Aircraft Integrated Program Structure Sustainable and Green Engines Systems for Green Operations Eco-Design Clean Sky Technology Evaluator Green RotorcraftSmart Fixed Wing Aircraft Green Regional Aircraft TECHNOLOGIES & DEMONSTRATORS MEA = 10% of Clean Sky A wide « innovation chain » 24% 36% 20% 20% Industries SMEs Research Organisations Universities 65 Associates 6x2 Leaders >500 Partners ~230 participations in Systems for Green Operations Clean Sky 2 : a big step forward Large Systems ITDs Vehicle IADPs Integr. Aircraft Demonstr Platforms TechnologyEvaluator(TE) GermanAerospaceCenter(DLR) TechnologyEvaluator(TE) GermanAerospaceCenter(DLR) Eco-Design FraunhoferGesellschaft Eco-Design FraunhoferGesellschaft Regional Aircraft Alenia Aermacchi Regional Aircraft Alenia Aermacchi Fast Rotorcraft Agusta Westland Eurocopter Fast Rotorcraft Agusta Westland Eurocopter Engines ITD Safran – Rolls-Royce – MTU Engines ITD Safran – Rolls-Royce – MTU Systems ITD Thales – Liebherr Systems ITD Thales – Liebherr Airframe ITD Dassault – EADS-CASA – Saab Airframe ITD Dassault – EADS-CASA – Saab SmallAirTransport Evektor–Piaggio SmallAirTransport Evektor–Piaggio 1.8b€ Total EU Funding Proposed Large Passenger Aircraft Airbus Large Passenger Aircraft Airbus Clean Sky - More Electric Aircraft - Toulouse - 3-5 Feb 15 Clean Sky is now about 85% of the EU- funded aeronautical research SGO - Management of Aircraft Energy SGO Technology Development & Validation of Electrical Aircraft Systems Stakeholders in the WP Member and Partner Know-How from previous R&T projects Electrical Equipment Thermal Management Equipment Load Management Functions Skin HX MAE developments for Large Aircraft Electrical ECS Electrical WIPS Engine Nacelle Sys Electrical Power Center Wiring System Ice Detection Load Management Vapour Cycle cooling system 7 Generators E-ECS pack New Alternator and: • New AC Primary Electrical Distribution • Cabin Electrical & E-ECS power racks • 270VDC Electrical Energy Management Power Center (E-EM EPC) • Simulated Resistive Load (SREL) • EMAs electrical loads (in cabin) • FTI/Flight Test Station (FTES) 270 HVDC network demo channel Electrical Energy Management logics validation EMA/Bench test on A/C Demo MEA Modifications: EPGS Mod: Electrical Power – Modification of ACWF generation and distribution E-EMS Mod: Electrical Power – Installation of 270V DC Generation distribution including Electrical Power Center (EPC) and Simulated Resistive Electrical Load (SREL) E-ECS Mod: Air Conditioning – Installation of an Experimental electrical environmental control sys. – E-ECS (one pack) EMAs Mod: Installation of two electrical actuator EMAs – FCS/LG (each mounted on a dedicated test bench, both located in Cabin) One example of flight tests: ATR-72 testbed MEA in Clean Sky 2 / ITD Systems Clean Sky - More Electric Aircraft - Toulouse - 3-5 Feb 15 Avionics / cockpit Cabin & cargo systems Electrical wing Landing gear systems Major loads Small Air Transport Systems Electrical Chain + MEA-related activities in other Platforms, e.g. Airframe and Large Aircraft A more electric Clean Sky innovation chain Clean Sky framework intended to bring : - An optimized, balanced funding for airframer and equipments manufacturers (and engine manufacturers) - a close collaboration between systems suppliers and airframers - the involvement of bottom-up innovation processes from SMEs and Universities to integrators - a novel, integrated system design environment with appropriate tools •Clean Sky - More Electric Aircraft - Toulouse - 3-5 Feb 15 www.cleansky.eu Hosting a unique blend of high tech companies throughout Europe, and a set of advanced test- benches, Clean Sky is the ideal house for highly contributing to the development of “more electric” widspread innovation First Call for Proposals for Clean Sky 2 launched in December – will close end of March: We need your talents