Power and Data Systems - Hunting for simplification

Auteurs : Alain Sauret
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Power and Data Systems - Hunting for simplification


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MEA2015 Conference – Alain SAURETQ3 REVENUE 2011 / OCTOBER 21, 2011 / Power & Data systems Hunting for simplification Alain Sauret, LPS CEO MEA2015 conference Toulouse, February 4th 2015 1 / MEA2015 Conference – Alain SAURET Safran is nearly positioned across the whole chain, with LPS acting as the strong arm of electrical power systems Power sources AGB Generator Distribution Power converterActuators Various loads EWIS for power Engine RAT Fuel Cells Battery ATA24 & EWIS Up to 1.5MW electrical power to manage (combining all power sources) Flight controls Nacelle Landing gear EWIS for data APU Electric fans Configuration management 2 / MEA2015 Conference – Alain SAURET Towards MEA A320ceo, F7X A380 & A350 Boeing 787 A30X Wing & nacelle deicing Pneumatic Pneumatic Electricity Electricity? ECS, Start Avionics, Lighting, etc. Electricity Electricity Commercial loads Control braking Hydraulic Partial electrification Control (FCS, steering) Hydraulic Partial electrification?Configure (landing gear, TRAS) 3 / MEA2015 Conference – Alain SAURET Aircraft include more functions and become more electric, impacting cost, weight and complexity in design Cost & weight are function of carried power but also of electrical architecture and installation ATA24 EWIS Boeing 787 A320ceo Falcon 7X Weight Shipset Boeing 787 A320ceo Falcon 7X Weight Shipset A320ceo 270kW Falcon 7X 50kW Boeing 787 1,500kW Price Price E d 4 / MEA2015 Conference – Alain SAURET A clear trend towards more complexity and power optimization  New functions and power optimized aircraft  More electrical power to be distributed and increasing volume of data to be transmitted  Electrical architecture is evolving from centralized to distributed power distribution systems  The growing electrification and complexity of systems lead to more integrated power and data  A need to reduce costs  Reducing RC through more integration – reduce the number of parts  Reducing NRC through more concurrent engineering across the entire chain with the objective of simplifying  Reducing OC through more flexibility of functions and robust products at EIS Simplifying the current power and data systems could be the enabler for a MEA with more functionalities 5 / MEA2015 Conference – Alain SAURET The challenge of simplification is high - can we address it better than today?  A team challenge  Airframers, Equipment suppliers and Certification authorities jointly challenging architectures and products, respecting the role of each player in the team  Academia and industry jointly developing new technologies through a lean mid & long term roadmap  Building new standards  Successful Technology insertion  Robustness and maturity demonstration methodology  Fit for Purpose approach for both incremental and breakthrough  Invest in Tools and Processes  For better modeling and simulation, as “a learning machine”  For more efficient development, certification, production and operation  New cooperation models  Reducing NRC for both airframers and equipment suppliers  Anticipating and sharing risks & revenues over the Life Cycle Integration and robustness increase at lower costs Simplifying Power & Data management and transport