July 2-11, 2013 The *Summer School on Critical Embedded Systems
02 Juillet 2013 - 11 Juillet 2013
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02/07/2013 00:00 - 11/07/2013 00:00

The *Summer School on Critical Embedded Systems, July 2-11, 2013, Toulouse* aims at presenting state-of-the-art techniques, methodologies and tools for the design of critical embedded systems across their life cycle, from early requirement elicitation up to certification. The program is intended for researchers and engineers from industry and academia, as well as graduate students in fields related to embedded systems (cyber-physical systems, control systems, networked control systems, computer science, wireless).
The Summer School offers scientific and technical sessions on essential topics in the domain, as well as practical sessions to consolidate know-hows. This edition focuses on a fertile domain, namely the design of drones, covering issues from system engineering to electrical engineering, including architecture and control/command aspects.
Practitioners from the industry and the academia will teach and share their experiences on the following topics:
• UAV systems, missions and services; operation in shared sky
• System Architecture: interfaces, sensors and actuators
• Systems Engineering: from specifications to requirements
• System Validation and Verification: performance, safety, qualification
• Design and implementation: control laws, software and electronic design.
Demonstration sessions indoor and outdoor will complete the summer school, turning concepts into live and exciting moments.
The summer school is organized by the EADS Embedded SystEms Chair, in collaboration with the MAV Research Center.


• Overview of drones systems: definition, missions — JM. Moschetta (ISAE/MAV Research Center)
• Rules and laws for operating drones: safety and certification — C.Ronflé-Nadaud (ENAC)
• Developing robotic applications using component-based architectures and SAIL (Software-Architecture-In-the-Loop) simulations — C. Lesire-Cabaniols (ONERA/DCSD)
• Filtering and hybridation for UAVs — V. Calmettes (ISAE)
• System Architecutre using SysML and Avatar — L. Apvrille (Telecom ParisTech)
• Towards Autonomous drones — Simon Lacroix (LAAS)
• Software architecture and performance — E. Grolleau (ISAE/ENSMA)
• Certification considerations for UAV — F. Many (DGA/TA) & H. Bonnin (CapGemini)
• Safety Analysis — C. Seguin (ONERA/DTIM)
• Video surveillance and observation — JL Dugelay (Eurecom)
• Human factors and drone — P. Le Blaye (ONERA Salon de Provence)