20 Novembre 2019 - 22 Novembre 2019
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In order to satisfy the electric network needs… The utilities, network operators, and industrial equipment manufacturers, altogether permanently contribute to substation equipments’ improvements. Furthermore, it is necessary to move forward in product betterment, in order to satisfy the requirement due to existing network compatibility. “Smart Grids”, renewable energies sources and fully automatized applications are new challenges within sustainable development policy.
The applications for this wide and cross-cutting conference, covers the MV, HV or EHV substations, either gas or air insulated, as well as MV/LV substation equipment such as:
• Switchgears, circuit breakers, switchers and selectors,
• Power and instrument transformers,
• Auxiliary equipments, lightening arresters capacitors… 
MATPOST 2019 presentation and call for papers
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