Jicable HVDC’17
Second International Symposium on HVDC Cable Systems
20 Novembre 2017 - 22 Novembre 2017 Kursaal, Dunkerque (France)
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HVDC power links are growing in numbers and are now increasingly used for land or submarine applications including connection of offshore wind farms. HVDC cable systems are becoming key components of sustainable energy systems to provide large capacity of electricity transmission over long distances, across or between countries and for renewable energy delivery. Recent breakthrough innovations in the field of HVDC extruded cable systems have shown rated voltages reaching the range 400 to 700 kV, power transmission up to 3 GW and suitability not only for VSC converters types, but also for LCC converters.
The objective of the symposium Jicable HVDC’17 is to address and discuss the following topics:
  • Research and current knowledge on the behavior of materials for HVDC cables and accessories: new materials, dielectric behavior, space charges, interfaces, ageing, reliability.
  • State-of-the-Art of the development of extra high voltage DC extruded cables systems in the range 400 to 700 kV:  development, testing and standardization.
  • Technical coordination between converters and cable systems: insulation coordination, transient over-voltages, DC circuit breakers.
  • Large transmission corridors: reliability of very long links including many joints, future technology alternative.
  • Submarine cables installation: lesson learned from experience, installation in harsh environment.
  • Submarine asset management & submarine cable repairs in case of faults..
The symposium will also include tutorials, technical visits and a “Young researchers contest”.

Save the date! November 20th- 22nd, 2017

Organization Committee - International Scientific and Technical Committee              
  • Chairman: Lucien Deschamps, AGP 21, France     -  Chairman: Marc Jeroense, NKT Cables Group,
  • Secretary: Jean Charvet, RTE, France     Sweden
  • Secretary: Benjamin Pailler, RTE, France
Local Organization Committee Sub-Committee
  • Chairman: CHOQUEL Jean-Bernard (SEE Groupe Nord)
Scientific and Technical Support:
AGP 21 (France), CIGRE, CIGRE CNB (Brazil), CIRED, CSEE (China), Electrosuisse, ENTSOe, Europacable, IEC, IEEJ (Japan), SEE (France), SRBE/KBVE (Belgium).

Jicable HVDC’17 - 17 rue de l’Amiral Hamelin – 75783 Paris Cedex 16 (France) Tél. +33 (0)6 45 47 11 68 – Fax +33 (0)1 56 90 37 08 – Mail: organization@jicable-hvdc17.fr



Kursaal, Dunkerque (France)

7 bis BP80087, Place du Casino, 59942 Dunkerque cedex 2
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