Development of the power grid at global level
Développement d'un réseau électrique global
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The global electricity network could be envisaged to consist of inter-continental and cross-border backbone interconnections. The global electricity network could take advantage of diversity from different time zones, seasons, load patterns and RES intermittent availability, thus supporting a balanced coordination of power supply of all interconnected countries.
Jean Eudes Moncomble will present results coming from the World Energy Council (WEC) concerning the energy futures to 2050. The WEC scenarios use an explorative approach to assess what is actually happening in the world now, to help gauge what will happen in the future and the real impact of today’s choices on tomorrow’s energy landscape.
Professor Dr. Xianzhang Lei, Managing Director of State Grid GEIRI Europe, will share his point of view concerning the evolution of China’s power supply.
In 2016, CIGRE, the International Council on Large Electric Systems, decided to launch a feasibility study on this concept of global electricity network. In this respect, the Working Group C1-35 has been set up. The final results are expected by end of 2018.
Gérald Sanchis will present the objectives and the expected results of this WG.
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