French National Radio Science Workshop (JS´17) CFP Nov 04
Radioscience for Humanity
01 Février 2017 - 03 Février 2017
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Preliminary Call for Papers. The URSI-France 2017 Workshop, being held under the sponsorship of the French Academy of Sciences, will be dedicated to “Radioscience for Humanity”. The workshop will be held at Campus SophiaTech located in Sophia Antipolis, South of France, on February 1-3, 2017.
Electromagnetism, telecommunications, electronics and photonics, the subjects studied by URSI commissions, are an essential backbone of our modern society. The development of these activities benefits humanity in a wide range of issues, from extreme situations to simple comfort in our everyday lives. In this rapidly evolving field, we will focus on both fundamental and conceptual aspects as well as technological developments and resulting applications.
This Workshop covers a wide spectrum of subjects, including waves and electromagnetic fields, both from the point of view of metrology and theory, spread, modelling, etc., and communications systems and their applications. We also focus on environmental electromagnetic propagation, both global (surface and subsurface), ionospheric or through matter in particular plasma and radio astronomy. Electromagnetics in biology and medicine is also included.
The program will be organised around the following themes, but the list is not exhaustive.
  • RadioScience and Risk, Disaster Management, Space Weather
  • Earth Observation by Remote Sensing and Essential Climate Variables monitoring
  • Advanced Radars for societal needs
  • Computational Sciences, exact methods, complexity management
  • Design and modelling of antennas, systems of detection and imaging, antennal systems
  • Communication Systems: 5G, Software Defined Radio (SDR), Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Metrologies and Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetics in biology and medicine
Submission information
Communication proposals should be submitted online via the website, with a clear and concise one to two page abstract, for scientific evaluation by the Scientific Committee. For further information on paper submission, please visit the website.
Dates to remember
June 20, 2016:
Preliminary Call For Papers
July 20, 2016:
Opening of the website for abstracts
November 04, 2016:
Deadline for submission of abstracts
November 18, 2016:
Scientific Committee notification to authors
December 20, 2016:
January 9, 2017:
Deadline for full text submissions
Notification of the Final acceptation of full text
February 1-3, 2017:
February 3, 2017:
List of the selected papers invited for publication
More information 
All information relating to the French National RadioScience Wiorkshop 2017 can be found on the URSI-France website:
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Campus Sophiatech, Sophia Antipolis, France