Summer School Satellite Image Processing with Open Source Software
04 July 2016 - 08 July 2016
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The SFPT, CNES and IGN/ENSG organize their first summer school on satellite image processing using free open source software. More specifically this summer school will be based on Orfeo Tool Box (OTB) and MicMac.

OTB is an open-source toolbox funded by CNES for satellite image processing and remote sensing (classification, segmentation …). MicMac, coordinated by IGN, is a complete photogrammetric pipeline recently adapted to satellite image processing.

Three day of practical work are scheduled on Gnu/Linux environment (no prerequisite, except the ability to adapt to line command software).

2016-07-04 to 2016-07-08
ENSG/ Marne-la-Vallée (close to Paris)/ France
English and French (one track in each language)
150 Euros for student, 250 Euros for public labs & university, 800 euros for private company. Does not include accommodation. (*)
Accommodation, lunch
Access to ENSG restaurant (3-7 Euros / meal)
Accommodation, night
Possibility to have cheap room (40 Euro / night, sharing with 1 person)

Preliminary Program (English track) :

4/07 PM
Presentation of teaching team and participants, theoretical presentation of photogrammetry and remote sensing
5/07 AM
OTB : Introduction
5/07 PM
OTB : VHR optical imagery, GIS pre-processing
6/07 AM
OTB : Supervised classification of Sentinel 2 / Landsat 8 time series
6/07 PM
MicMac : Orientation of satellite images
7/07 AM
MicMac : Computation of DSM
7/07 PM
MicMac : Computation of deformation, opening on Frame Camera Manipulation.
8/07 AM
Discussion, presentation of attendees work (volunteers)

Teaching team :

  • OTB : Manuel Grizonet (CNES) , Victor Poughon (CNES);

  • MicMac : Ewelina Rupnik (IGN/ENSG & IPGP) , Marc Pierrot Deseilligny (IGN/ENSG).

(*) This money goes at SFPT which is a non profit organization (learned society). Part of this money will be used to fund the participation of student/researcher coming from southern countries.


ENSG/ Marne-la-Vallée

(½ h de Paris par RER)/ France

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