Technical clubs

The SEE General Meeting of June 21, 2013 approved the reorganization of the Technical Clubs Clubs proposed by the the Vice-President in charge, as it appears here. The goal of this reorganization is to refocus the activities of the SEE around a smaller number of clubs each reaching a critical mass beneficial in terms of actors, activity and visibility. New clubs are also defined by a scientific perimeter open but identifiable by the scientific community. They are intended to be each driven by a consistent steering structure, either in terms of activity, plurality of skills, or radiation capacity. The structure of the clubs aims to sustain the business of the SEE. The aim is to preserve current SEE solidly establishes activities, while creating new dynamics and opportunities as compared to the existing situation.

Commissions dedicated to specific themes can also be created in clubs, on the initiative of the latter, based on the needs they identify themselves. These commissions may be evolving over time, so as to sustain the momentum of the club.
Finally, transversal Thematic Areas are used to federate the clubs around current issues (society, industrial, technology, ...), and position the SEE as a visible major player in these issues. The Thematic Areas are especially designed to exploit the guidelines set by the CST. They are simply driven by a coordinator who relies on the strength of the clubs, and scalability will enable them to adapt to the priorities identified by the CST.

The club pages presented hereafter are « work in progress » being built in accordance with the  organization being evolving.