Tribute to Jean-Louis Koszul (1921 – 2018)

Jean-Louis Koszul passed away January 12th 2018. This tribute is a scientific exegesis and admiration of Jean-Louis Koszul’s works on homogeneous bounded domains that have appeared over time as elementary structures of Information Geometry. Koszul has introduced fundamental tools to characterize the geometry of sharp convex cones, as Koszul-Vinberg characteristic Function, Koszul Forms, and affine representation of Lie Algebra and Lie Group. The 2nd Koszul form is an extension of classical Fisher metric. Koszul theory of hessian structures and Koszul forms could be considered as main foundation and pillars of Information Geometry.

The community of “Geometric Science of Information” (GSI) has lost a mathematician of great value, who informed his views by the depth of his knowledge of the elementary structures of hessian geometry and bounded homogeneous domains. His modesty was inversely proportional to his talent. Professor Koszul built in over 60 years of mathematical career, in the silence of his passions, an immense work, which makes him one of the great mathematicians of the XX’s century, whose importance will only affirm with the time. In this troubled time and rapid transformation of society and science, the example of Professor Koszul must be regarded as a model for future generations, to avoid them the trap of fleeting glories and recognitions too fast acquired. The work of Professor Koszul is also a proof of fidelity to his masters and in the first place to Prof. Elie Cartan, who inspired him throughout his life. Henri Cartan writes on this subject “I do not forget the homage he paid to Elie Cartan’s work in Differential Geometry during the celebration, in Bucharest, in 1969, of the centenary of his birth. It is not a coincidence that this centenary was also celebrated in Grenoble the same year. As always, Koszul spoke with the discretion and tact that we know him, and that we love so much at home”.

We will conclude by quoting Jorge Luis Borges “both forgetfulness and memory are apt to be inventive” (Doctor Brodie’s report). Our generation and previous one have forgotten or misunderstood the depth of the work of Jean-Louis Koszul and Elie Cartan on the study of bounded homogeneous domains. It is our responsibility to correct this omission, and to make it the new inspiration for the Geometric Science of Information. We will invite readers  to listen to the last interview of Jean-Louis Koszul for 50th birthday of Joseph Fourier Institute

Frédéric Barbaresco & Michel Boyom


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