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(2015) GSI2015

Standard Divergence in Manifold of Dual Affine Connections Nihat Ay, Shun-Ichi Amari GSI2015
A common symmetrization framework for random linear algorithms Alain Sarlette GSI2015
Some geometric consequences of the Schrödinger problem Christian Leonard GSI2015
Color Texture Discrimination using the Principal Geodesic Distance on a Multivariate Generalized Gau Aqsa Shabbir, Geert Verdoolaege GSI2015
Generalized Pareto Distributions, Image Statistics and Autofocusing in Automated Microscopy Reiner Lenz GSI2015
Histograms of images valued in the manifold of colours endowed with perceptual metrics Emmanuel Chevallier, Ivar Farup, Jesús Angulo GSI2015
Barycentric Subspaces and Affine Spans in Manifolds Xavier Pennec GSI2015
Block-Jacobi methods with Newton-steps and non-unitary joint matrix diagonalization Hao Shen, Martin Kleinsteuber GSI2015
Biased estimators on quotient spaces Nina Miolane, Xavier Pennec GSI2015
Universal, non-asymptotic confidence sets for circular means Florian Kelma, Johannes Wieditz, Thomas Hotz GSI2015
Entropy and structure of the thermodynamical systems Géry de Saxcé GSI2015
Extension of information geometry to non-statistical systems some examples Ben Anthonis, Jan Naudts, Michel Broniatowski GSI2015
From Geometry and Physics to Computational Linguistics Matilde Marcolli GSI2015
A two-color interacting random balls model for co-localization analysis of proteins Charles Kervrann, Frederic Lavancier GSI2015
Computing Boundaries in Local Mixture Models Paul Marriott, Vahed Maroufy GSI2015
Variational Bayesian Approximation method for Classification and Clustering with a mixture of Studen Ali Mohammad-Djafari GSI2015
New metric and connections in statistical manifolds Charles Cavalcante, David de Souza, Rui F. Vigelis GSI2015
Heights of toric varieties, integration over polytopes and entropy José Ignacio Burgos Gil, Martin Sombra, Patrice Philippon GSI2015
Transformations and Coupling Relations for Affine Connections James Tao, Jun Zhang GSI2015
New model search for nonlinear recursive models, regressions and autoregressions Anna-Lena Kißlinger, Wolfgang Stummer GSI2015
Optimal Transport, Independance versus Indetermination duality, impact on a new Copula Design Benoit Huyot, Jean-François Marcotorchino, Yves Mabiala GSI2015
Bag-of-components an online algorithm for batch learning of mixture models Frank Nielsen, Olivier Schwander GSI2015
Barycenter in Wasserstein space existence and consistency Jean-Michel Loubes, Thibaut Le Gouic GSI2015
Entropy minimizing curves with application to automated flight path design Florence Nicol, Stephane Puechmorel GSI2015
Dimension Reduction on Polyspheres with Application to Skeletal Representations Benjamin Eltzner, Stephan Huckemann, Sungkyu Jung GSI2015
Weakly Correlated Sparse Components with Nearly Orthonormal Loadings Matthieu Genicot, Nickolay Trendafilov, Wen Huang GSI2015
Uniqueness of the Fisher-Rao Metric on the Space of Smooth Densities Martin Bauer, Martins Bruveris, Peter Michor GSI2015
Deblurring and Recovering Conformational States in 3D Single Particle Electron Bijan Afsari, Gregory S. Chirikjian GSI2015
Symplectic Structure of Information Geometry: Fisher Metric and Euler-Poincaré Equation of Souriau Lie Group Thermodynamics Frédéric Barbaresco GSI2015
An Information Geometry Problem in Mathematical Finance Imre Csiszár, Michel Broniatowski, Thomas Breuer GSI2015