GSI’17 Best Papers sponsored by SPRINGER

The SEE GSIs' conferences bring together pure/applied mathematicians and engineers, with common interest for Geometric tools and their applications for Information analysis. It emphasizes an active participation of young researchers to discuss emerging areas of collaborative research on “Information Geometry Manifolds and Their Advanced Applications”.
GSI’17 Best Student Paper sponsored by SPRINGER
Finalists are:
  • Alice Le Brigant, Marc Arnaudon, Optimal Matching Between Curves in a Manifold
  • Kathrin Welker, Optimization in the Space of Smooth Shapes
The Winner is:
Kathrin Welker, Department of Mathematics, Trier University, Germany
GSI’17 Best paper sponsored by SPRINGER
The Winners are:
Gaétan Marceau-Caron and Yann Ollivier, Natural Langevin Dynamics for Neural Networks
Groupes / audience: