Call for submission - Springer Optimization Letters special issue: Applications of Distance Geometry

Dear colleagues,
We are currently collecting papers for a special issue of Optimization Letters (OPTL, Springer) that is dedicated to the memory of Michel Deza ( The title of the issue is "Applications of Distance Geometry".
Michel suddenly passed away on last November 2016. He is author of the Encyclopedia of Distances, that almost reached the threshold of 1000 citations, and which makes him an eminent member of the distance geometry community.
OPTL generally collects short contributions (about 10 pages long).
Submissions should be performed via the editorial system at the address:
by selecting the article type si:DGD16. The submission deadline is June 2nd, 2017.
All the best,
Antonio Mucherino
Carlile Lavor
OPTL guest co-editors
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