Annonce de la Conférence GSI'15 aux membres de la SEE

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Je vous invite à prendre connaissance ci-dessous de l'annonce des organisateurs de la seconce Conférence sur "Geometric Science of Information" GSI'15 qui se tiendreà l'Ecole Polytechnique à Palaiseau du 28 au 30 octobre 2015. Comme pour GSI'13 qui s'était tenue avec succès en 2013 à l'Ecole des Mines de Paris à l'initative du club technique ISIC, la SEE est chargée de son organisation. Je rappelle que les membres de la SEE bénéficieront d'un tarif d'inscription préférentiel.


Le Secrétaire général de la SEE


Announcement of GSI'15 Conference

Following GSI'13 (, the objective of the SEE Conference GSI'15 ( ), hosted by Ecole Polytechnique (France) 28th-30th October 2015, is to bring together mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers, with common interests for Geometric methods, tools and their applications for Information analysis.

The meeting emphasizes an active participation of young researchers to discuss emerging areas of collaborative research on "Information Geometry Manifolds and Their Applications".

Current and ongoing uses of Information Geometry Manifolds are encompassing the following areas:

Advanced Signal/Image/Video Processing, Complex Data Modelling and Analysis, Information Ranking and Retrieval, Coding, Cognitive Systems, Optimal Control, Statistics on Manifolds, Machine Learning, Speech/sound recognition, natural language treatment, etc., which are also substantially relevant for industry.

The Conference will be therefore held in areas of priority/focused themes and topics of mutual interest with the aim to:

* Provide an overview on the most recent state-of-the-art

* Exchange mathematical information/knowledge/expertise in the area

* Identify research areas/applications for future collaboration

* Identify academic & industry labs expertise for further collaborations

This conference will be an interdisciplinary event and will unify skills from Geometry, Probability and Information Theory. The conference proceedings are published in Springer's Lecture Note in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

Authors will also be solicited to submit a paper in a special Issue "Differential Geometrical Theory of Statistics" in the ENTROPY Journal, an international and interdisciplinary open access journal of entropy and information studies published monthly online by MDPI:

The following Special Sessions have been identified but will not be limited to:

* Manifold/Topology Learning

* Riemannian Geometry in Manifold Learning

* Optimal Transport theory and applications in Imagery/Statistics

* Shape Space & Diffeomorphic mappings

* Geometry of distributed optimization

* Random Geometry/Homology

* Hessian Information Geometry

* Topology and Information

* Information Geometry Optimization

* Divergence Geometry

* Optimization on Manifold

* Lie Groups and Geometric Mechanics/Thermodynamics

* Quantum Information Geometry

* Infinite Dimensional Shape spaces

* Geometry on Graphs

* Bayesian and Information geometry for inverse problems

* Geometry of Time Series and Linear Dynamical Systems

* Geometric structure of Audio Processing

* Lie groups in Structural Biology

Provisional program of Keynote Speakers:

- Stochastic Flow on Compact and Non-Compact Manifolds, Marc Arnaudon

(Bordeaux University, France)

- Geometric Mechanic and Shape, Tudor Ratiu (EPFL, Swiss, To be Confirmed)

- List to be completed

Call for papers: see the Conference website.

Main deadlines are the following:

* Deadline for 8 pages LNCS format: 1st of March 2015

Paper has to be submitted under SPRINGER LNCS format (the template can be found on the website on the left tab : « Author Instructions ».

* Notification of acceptance: 30th of April 2015

* Final paper submission: 30th of May 2015

More information on GSI'15 website:

GSI'15 conference is sponsored by SMAI (, GDR CNRS MIA( & ISIS (, THALES ( & Brillouin Seminar (, Springer( and Entropy Journal (

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GSI'15 organizing committee

F. Barbaressco & F. Nielsen


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