Chers collègues,
Je vous rappelle la tenue du Workshop Next-GWiN 2014 à Rennes du 1 au 3 octobre 2014.
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Cette manifestation est l'occasion d'écouter et de rencontrer une quarantaine d'intervenants internationaux invités du plus haut niveau dans le domaine des "Green communications" et des futurs systèmes de communications (5G).

 Les inscriptions sont ouvertes jusqu'au 26 septembre 2014.. Le coût de l'inscription "étudiant "est de 130 € et l'inscription standard  de 180 €.

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Message des organisateurs

First of all, let us remind you that the FINAL registration deadline of Next-GWiN 2014 (3rd International Workshop on Next Generation Green Wireless Networks,, Rennes, France) is approaching, the closing date being on September 26.

 We strongly expect you to make your registration as soon as possible, without losing your LAST chance to catch up the Next-GWiN 2014.

 Beside the great benefit of obtaining 2 ECTS(European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) Credits, the Next-GWiN 2014 is reflecting the world-widely booming research initiatives & activities on future 5G, especially the environmental-friendly & sustainable ICT (green ICT) by 5G, for 5G and of 5G.

 Particularly, the Next-GWiN 2014 is highlighted by the following outstanding merits and features, namely:

Globally well-recognized key-leaders from the government, industry and academic communities will give Keynote as well as Invited Speakers, namely:

  • The European Commission scientific officer, Dr. Bernard Barani, will give a holistic view on how the European “Horizon 2020” program will define and coin the “landscape” of future ICT innovation and evolution.
  • 3 industrial key-leaders from Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, and Bell Labs (GreenTouch), i.e., Dr. Didier Bourse, Dr. Afif Osseiran, and Dr. Thierry Klein, will point out how the 5G technologies (e.g. European 5G PPP), energy challenges and future ICT can deeply interact with each other.
  • On the academic side, up to 16 academic/scientific leaders (Prof. Luis Muñoz, Prof. Hanna Bogucka, Prof. Luiz DaSilva, Prof. Mérouane Debbah, Prof. Eryk Dutkiewicz, Prof. Damien Ernst, Prof. David Grace, Prof. Aawatif Hayar, Mr. Erik Luther, Prof. Michela Meo, Dr. Alain AM Mourad, Dr. Christine Morin, Prof. Loutfi Nuaymi, Dr. Sumei Sun, Prof. Sofie Pollin, Dr. Ahmed Zeddam, and Prof. H. Zhang), will give various talks covering full-span expertise backgrounds with sufficient diversities/depth.
  • A delegate from the Chinese Basic Research Program (973 Program) will jointly hold a half-day Special Session, focusing on the next-generation reconfigurable networking and SDN (Software-Defined Networks).

So, see you soon at the Next-GWiN 2014!

Best regards,

Chairs of Next-GWIN 2014
Jacques Palicot & Honggang Zhang
Aawatif Hayar & Merouane Debbah