More Electric Aircraft
06 Février 2019 - 07 Février 2019
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On-going research and investments in air transportation are driven by the ambition to increase the efficiency of aircraft, reducing fuel consumption and hence carbon emission. Another ambition is to reduce operating costs and to increase reliability. Given the high demand for air transportation and its expected growth, these challenges are of major importance. Recent developments for pursuing these critical requirements concerned the electrification of aircraft systems which significantly increased electrical power needs and impacted aircraft power architecture. More electrical technology is being driven by strong advances in power electronic devices, high efficiency power generators, advanced actuation systems, energy storage technologies, new manufacturing processes, new power generation and distribution architectures. Whilst many concepts have already been demonstrated on more-electrical platforms, developments on more electric aircraft systems are subject to on-going research programmes of major importance. There is much more to do to challenge the power density and improve the reliability while taking the best of the intrinsic advantages of electrical technology. New research programmes in Europe and beyond are also pushing innovative propulsion concepts, all electric, hybrid or turboelectric, potentially distributed. The design for this future generation of more electric propulsion aircraft issues challenges not only structure and aerodynamics but also power distribution, energy storage, thermal management, reliability and certification all of which will be addressed during the conference. 
Following the successful European conference held in Bordeaux in February 2017, the organisers of MEA2019 invite industry and research representatives to contribute to this new exciting edition in Toulouse, and to share ideas, lessons learnt and solutions relating to technological developments as well as future concepts associated to more/all electrical aircraft. Transport aircraft, light aircraft, unmanned aircraft, fixed wing as well as rotorcraft, will be considered, either for commercial, military or private use.

The 2-days programme will mostly rely upon highly interactive poster sessions, for which you are invited to submit abstracts referring to the following topics: 

1.    Hybrid/All Electric Aircraft: architectures, management, operations
2.    Propulsion systems, subsystems and equipment for Hybrid/All Electric Aircraft
3.    Electrification of non-propulsive loads
4.    Power generation
5.    Power conversion 
6.    Energy storage and regeneration
7.    Power distribution and circuit protection
8.    Power and energy system architectures
9.    Thermal management
10.   Maintenance and operability
11.   Reliability and health monitoring
12.   Certification, operation and safety for Hybrid/All Electric Aircraft
13.   Standardisation of new components
14.   Testing facilities for high power electric aircraft
The MEA2019 conference will held in parallel with the DECIELEC event ( The participants of the MEA2019 conference will have the opportunity to attend this industrial exhibition with more than 100 on connected & embedded Systems, power electronics and energy systems management.








MEA2019 will be held at the Congress center Diagora - Toulouse Labège.
Diagora, Centre de Congrès et d’Exposition
150, rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes
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